Montessori Cambridge School
A school that understands children
The School
Spread over 18 acres of land, located in the calm environs away from the dins and smoke of Pathankot, a lush green campus, providing healthy environment for education.
FACULTY - The Facilitators
School positions the teacher at the pinnacle of the learning process but with a difference. The teacher is a 'facilitator' who uses the new technology to motivate the students to explore for themselves the world of knowledge. Motivated and inspired, by the opportunity of LEARNING TO INNOVATE AND INNOVATING TO LEARN, the teacher at MCS continuously renews and updates subject knowledge & pedagogy.
We do not believe in imparting mere knowledge to the learner but in creating a learning space providing opportunity to students to be actively involved in learning process. MCS is a child centred school which draws upon constructivist approach to teaching and learning. The process of curriculum transaction involves five E's.
MCS is affiliated with National based Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi and prepares students for All India Senior Secondary Examination (12th Grade Examination) following the 10+2 pattern of Education.

MCS intends to achieve holistic growth and development of students by exposing them to the following areas of instruction:
  • Academics: for scholastic growth
  • Games and sports: for personality development
  • Value education: for humaneness or 'Insaniyat'
  • Public performance: for self-confidence and image