Montessori Cambridge School
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IT Section
Computer Arcades
In today’s fast changing scientifically and technologically advanced society, there is dire need for computer education. The computer literacy classes commence from class I onwards.
Exploration Room
It is a unique concept introduced in the school which gives children the opportunity to learn by doing using various kinds of educational apparatus. Students exhibit their projects through working models and presentations.
Information Technology – The School Website
Every computer lab. Is on LAN with ready access to high speed internet through a central server. All students are exposed to the individual working of the computer available in the hardware and networking lab. The school’s website is very informative, user friendly and interactive and parents can communicate through it. Every student has a login ID and Password. Student information can be accessed by parents online at
Letter Writing through Email
Students are encouraged to write regularly to their parents. The Residential Counsellor ensures that all the boarders write letters to their parents.