Montessori Cambridge School
A school that understands children
Healthy Environment
Personal Hygiene
Personal hygiene, especially of the younger children is carried out by the Ayahs and supervised by the Hostel Matron.
Infirmary – Medical Facilities
The MCS has arranged the service of qualified doctors and has a provision of medical room equipped with first aid facilities. All the students are required to undergo periodic medical checkup. The health history of each student is maintained. Prescribed medicines in the case of ordinary illness are provided. In case of serious illness, necessitating the moving of the child out of the MCS hostel or hospitalization, parents have to make their own arrangement. An expense for such hospitalization and medical attention is borne by the Parents.

While filling up forms for admission, parents are requested to disclose all previous known ailments and medication of their wards.
Community Service
The MCS, instead of being an island of excellence, strives for sharing its infrastructure with the other schools of the area, In addition the MCS maintains contact with the service organization for providing volunteers.
Pastoral Care
Pastoral Care is an integral component of our school. Our pastoral system encourages children to walk to teachers about various issues encircling their lives. Our pastoral system encompasses a wide variety of issues essential for the proper growth and development of a child. In their interaction the teacher encourages students to talk and express their opinion on various issues and the entire group provides all the support and encouragement one needs. The teacher responsible for pastoral care takes great care to provide all the emotional support a student needs to cope up with the stressful modern life.
Uniform & Personal Clothing
For the convenience of the parents the uniform and all other articles of clothing, undergarments including footwear is provided to students, at the MCS itself, on payment. Though the school staff takes utmost care in maintaining the clothes, it must be borne in mind that after constant use by the students and washing by the dhobi, the condition of the clothing articles is likely to deteriorate. The school does not entertain any claim in the request. Clothing articles should be replaced whenever asker for. Expenditure of personal nature incurred by the student is settled from the Imprest Amount.