Montessori Cambridge School
A school that understands children
Day Boarding
The concept is an excellent alternative for those parents who do not wish to send their children away to boarding schools. The idea is to provide them with an all round education including remedial and special education, where required so that quality time can be spent at home, without the need for the hours of homework or tuitions.

Games and hobbies are made compulsory for all students while also catering for children with special needs. Subject matter that requires reinforce (homework) is done under the supervision of teachers who know their wards; during time tabled self study periods, in school, rather than at home.

Similarly an all round education makes a school day less monotonous and more varied, interesting and cheerful. The entire school community works together, plays together and eats at least one meal together thus a different and more meaningful ethos develops. The school becomes an extended family, responsible for the development of character, personality and value in its students, passing on to them civic sense, responsible citizenship, good manners and social behaviour, in addition to the academic skill.
The School has transport and back-up facility. A fleet of school buses operate throughout Pathankot and nearby areas.
Hostel – A home away from home
An increasing number of serious parents, with their busy schedule, realize that the pressure of day to day living does not leave them with adequate time to do proper justice to the upbringing of their children. Therefore realizing the difficulties of such parents, the MCS offers complete residential facilities for the students in order to provide them productive pursuits, in addition to academics, which develop their confidence to be independent be it friendship, food belongings, rooms, joys, sorrows, challenges or any of the unaccountable experiences of growing up together.
Dormitories & Hostel Service
Welcome to the MCS boarding house, a beautifully located ‘home-away-from-home’ for its students. Hostels have Resident Teachers functioning as Resident Counsellor looking after the well being of each student as foster parent and also guiding them in the development of their personality. The hostel provides clean and inviting environment and quality housing necessary for the students well being. Solar heaters are available to provide hot water all the year and each floor of the hostel remains under 24 hours watch by the attendants.

In hostel, MCS has spacious dormitories and each child has independent study place and lockers for keeping their belongings.